PSWindowsAdminCenter: PowerShell Module to Manage Connections, Feeds, and Extensions

I had published a PowerShell DSC resource module, last month, called WindowsAdminCenterDsc that uses the PowerShell module that was made available with Windows Admin Center version 1812. This module makes use of the REST API that comes with Windows Admin Center to manage connections, feeds, and extensions.

I had immediately verified that the API was available in version 1809.5 as well. So, I wanted to build another PowerShell module that has similar and/or more features than the current module that ships with version 1812. Also, the goal was to ensure that I can use this module in my build process to add the newly deployed servers and clusters to Windows Admin Center in an automated manner.

Note: This module works with Windows Admin Center 1809.5 and above.

This module can be installed from PowerShell Gallery:

Get-WacConnectionGets connections added to Windows admin Center for management.
Add-WacConnectionAdds a new connection to Windows Admin Center for management.
Get-WacFeedGets all extension feeds available in Windows Admin Center.
Add-WacFeedAdds an extension feed to Windows Admin Center.
Remove-WacFeedRemoves an extension feed from Windows Admin Center.
Get-WacExtensionGets all extensions available or installed in Windows Admin Center.
Install-WacExtensionInstalls an extension.
Uninstall-WacExtensionUninstalls an extension.
Update-WacExtensionUpdates an extension.

This project is available in my GitHub repository. I have a few TODOs:

  • Add Export option to Get-WacConnection command so that you can export the connections details to a CSV file.
  • Add Import option to Add-WacConnection command so that you can import all connections from a CSV file.
  • Update WindowsAdminCenterDsc module to use the PSWindowsAdminCenter instead of the module that ships with WAC.

If you see any issues or would like to see new features, feel free to create an issue.

About the author: Ravikanth C

Ravikanth is the founder and editor of the PowerShell Magazine. He is also a PowerShell MVP who works at Dell Inc. He blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter @ravikanth.

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