#PSDSC FailoverClusterDSC – Deploy a Storage Spaces Direct Cluster

I have been working on the FailoverClusterDsc resource module and finally had the chance to add some examples and make the repository public.

This is not a fork of the xFailoverCluster module. I am adding only the resources that I am developing from scratch to this module. These resources will follow the HQRM guidelines.

Resources in this module

Resource Name Description
FailoverCluster Creates a failover cluster.
FailoverClusterNode Adds/removes a node to/from a failover cluster
FailoverClusterQuorum Configures a cluster disk/share/node majority quorum.
FailoverClusterCloudWitness Configures cloud witness for failover cluster.
FailoverClusterResourceParameter Configures a failover cluster resource parameter.
FailoverClusterS2D Enables Storage Spaces Direct in a failover cluster.
WaitForFailoverCluster Waits until a failover cluster becomes available.
WaitForFailoverClusterNode Waits until a node join a failover cluster.

You can take a look at each of these resources to check what different configuration options are supported as of today.

Here is an example of creating and configuring a Storage Spaces Direct cluster.

In the above pattern, I am creating a failover cluster and then adding the remaining nodes using the same configuration document. You can, however, have the node addition configuration using the FailoverClusterNode resource as a separate configuration document that gets enacted on the participant node.

The failover cluster configuration requires administrator privileges and these resources do not have a Credential parameter of their own and depend on PSDscRunAsCredential. Therefore, you need at least PowerShell 5.0 to use these resources.

I am looking at expanding the resource modules to beyond what is there at the moment. If you see any issues or have feedback, feel free to create an issue in my repository. These resources lack tests today. I would be glad to accept any PRs for tests.

About the author: Ravikanth C

Ravikanth is the founder and editor of the PowerShell Magazine. He is also a PowerShell MVP who works at Dell Inc. He blogs at http://www.ravichaganti.com/blog and you can follow him on Twitter @ravikanth.

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