Bartek Bielawski joins PowerShell Magazine editorial board

BartekI am very happy to announce that Bartek Bielawski joined the PowerShell Magazine editorial board. Bartek is a multi-year recipient of Microsoft MVP award for Windows PowerShell. Bartek works at Optiver as a Windows Engineer and needless to say, he loves PowerShell. I have known Bartek for more than 5 years and have been following his blog posts for a long time. If you have not already read about OMI and Linux, Bartek is the only PowerShell MVP who had written a series of articles on OMI and how PowerShell can be used to manage Linux systems. There are many such examples of his expertise in not just PowerShell but many aspects of Windows OS and management. I learned a lot from him over years and will continue to in the years forward.

I have had the pleasure to personally meet Bartek at TEC 2011 in Germany and I am very happy to have him join us here at the PowerShell Magazine. He has already been an active contributor at PowerShell Magazine and I am also happy to announce that he decided to write exclusively here. Thank you Bartek and we are looking forward to great content from you as usual!

About the author: Ravikanth C

Ravikanth is the founder and editor of the PowerShell Magazine. He is also a PowerShell MVP who works at Dell Inc. He blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter @ravikanth.

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