PowerShell Summit 2013 session recordings

Haven’t had the chance to attend the PowerShell Summit? You can now watch the recordings on YouTube thanks to Aaron Hoover, one of the great PowerShell enthusiasts who attended this successful PowerShell event.

Alan Renouf – Creating a Complex and Reusable HTML Reporting Structure
Alan Renouf – Practical PowerShell Integration from Bare Metal to the Cloud
Aleksandar Nikolic – Build Your Demo Environment with Windows PowerShell
Aleksandar Nikolic – Configuring Your PowerShell Workflow Environment
Andy Schneider – Source Control for IT Pros
David Corrales – Sapien PowerShell Products
Don Jones – Remoting Configuration Deep Dive
Ed Wilson – PoshMon – PowerShell Does Performance Counters
Ed Wilson – What I learned Judging 5000 Scripts
Ed Wilson – Write Modules, Not Scripts
Jeff Hicks – Creating HTML Reports with Style
Jeff Hicks – How Secure Can You Be?
Kenneth Hansen and Hemant Mahawar – Workshop – Automating for DevOps
Lee Holmes – Advanced Network Scripting with PowerShell
Ricardo Mendes – Device Management With PowerShell
Richard Siddaway – CIM Sessions
Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Events
Richard Siddaway – PowerShell Web Access
Steve Lee – Standards Based Hardware Management

About the author: Shay Levy

Shay Levy is a Co-founder and editor of the PowerShell Magazine. He is a multiple-year recipient of the Microsoft MVP award, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Shay often covers PowerShell related topics on his blog and you can also follow him on Twitter at @ShayLevy

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