Windows PowerShell sessions from Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2012 available

For the first time the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) was held in Oslo, Norway on January 13th – 14th. More than 30 speakers held close to 60 sessions in two days divided into the tracks Security, Virtualization & Cloud, System Management, Unified Communication and Windows 8.

There was a total of 4 PowerShell sessions held by PowerShell MVPs Jan Egil Ring and Thomas Lee, which is now available for online viewing:

Speaker Session Description Slides Demos Video
Jan Egil Ring Introducing PowerShell 3.0 Since Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows PowerShell has been a part of the core operating system, meaning we will see the next version of PowerShell in Windows 8. In this session we will look at what`s new in Windows PowerShell 3.0, based on the Windows Developer Preview released at the BUILD conference in September. You will get to see new features in PowerShell itself, as well as new modules for managing Windows 8 and Windows Server 8. Link Link Link
Jan Egil Ring Practical PowerShell for the Windows Administrator Have you ever needed to perform the same task on more than one server? In this session you will see demos on how you can manage Windows systems using Windows PowerShell. You will get to see different techniques for remote management, demos of managing Hyper-V with and without System Center Virtual Machine Manager as well as several other demos. Link Link Link
Thomas Lee An introduction to WMI And PowerShell Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) on Windows is a fantastic resource to the IT pro and consultant. PowerShell makes it very simple and easy to access WMI and to exploit the richness within.In this talk, we first define WMI and show it’s architecture. Next we explore it using some common tools to show the breadth included in WMI. We introduce PowerShell’s key WMI cmdlets and show how you can use them. This is a great overview to this technology and how to leverage it in practice. N/A N/A Link
Thomas Lee WMI Eventing with PowerShell Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) on Windows has an eventing system that enables you to create event subscribers using PowerShell. Event subscribers get automatically notified when a subscribed event has occurred, which enables you to perform some action when the event occurs.This session explains WMI’s eventing system, and shows how you can create both temporary and permanent event subscriptions to WMI events. Temporary event subscriptions are often used as a troubleshooting aid, while permanent event subscribers could be useful for additional compliance logging or security management.We cover subscribing to intrinsic, extrinsic and timer events and show you how you can harness WMI’s rich eventing system. N/A N/A Link


Video-links to the other sessions are available here.

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