PowerGUI Script Editor gets full support for PowerShell 3.0

Dell released PowerGUI 3.6.0 script editor early this week. With this release, PowerGUI includes full support for Windows PowerShell 3.0 and support for Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 Operating Systems.

You can download this new release on PowerGUI.org. A complete list of changes since the release of PowerGUI 3.0 are available here.

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4 Responses to "PowerGUI Script Editor gets full support for PowerShell 3.0"

  1. Kirk Munro says:

    FYI, “full support for PowerShell 3.0” is really just marketing. All that they did was made PowerGUI be able to open with PowerShell 3.0 as the default version without using the config file hack, plus add a few keywords like workflow or -in to their keyword list for syntax highlighting. The PowerGUI editor itself is still far behind the ISE 3.0 editor in many regards. The biggest place it is lacking right now is Intellisense — ISE 3.0’s Intellisense is far better. Personally I’ll still use PowerGUI or PowerSE for PowerShell 2.0 work, and I’ll stick with ISE for 3.0 work.

  2. Alexander Petrovskiy says:

    The fact is that PowerShell 3.0 was supported since 3.2 or earlier. All that users needed to do is to download PowerGUI Pro’s User’s Guide and find the following: “Running with Specific PowerShell Version

    By default, PowerGUI runs with the highest PowerShell version available on the computer.

    To work with other PowerShell versions, run the following command-lines for PowerGUI Administrative Console and PowerGUI Script Editor, respectively:

    AdminConsole.exe –version

    ScriptEditor.exe –version

    These files are located in the PowerGUI installation folder.”

    However, the quality of work with PS 3.0 and working after upgrade is a big question sign (there were a lot of complaints on its site).

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